Rod building  for beginners

Build your own personal fly rod 

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Experience over two days how your personal dream rod is created from a blank, reel seat, handle and ring set. Learn the most important steps in building a fly rod and benefit from the know-how of FLYTASTIC. After assembling your desired components, we will sand, wrap, varnish and lacquer together in the well-equipped workshop, and enjoy a cold beer while doing so. 

While the glue dries, we will enjoy a delicious dinner and start the next morning well-rested as rod builders.Of course, I will not only advise you on the selection of rod parts but also recommend a suitable fly line for your new wonder rod. So you will be ready for your next trip to the water.As you are allowed to choose the rod parts yourself at FLYTASTIC, I will gladly calculate the price for the two-day course for you individually. The required material will be charged at purchase prices and supplemented with a course flat rate of 490 CHF (for two days). 

With a high-quality, self-built rod including a great experience you can already hold in your hands for 690 Swiss francs.

Season: all year round


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The workshop is located in the heart of FLYTASTIC, a small house on the sunny slope of Schiers. The workshop is equipped with a high-end wrapping bench and modern tools and offers plenty of space for your creativity.

Rod building takes time. That's why the course is spread over two days. If you're looking for overnight accommodation, there's a nice hotel very close. Of course, I'll take care of food and drinks.

By the way, FLYTASTIC workshops are flexible. So after you contact me, we can determine together the best time for you!


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Before the course

Online, by phone, or in person

  • Desired rod is described
  • Usage area is defined
  • Joint assembly of components

Day 1:


  • Arrival at the workshop
  • Inspection of components
  • Explanation of working steps
  • Finding and overlaping
  • Calculating and marking ring distances
  • Grinding and drilling handle
  • Cleaning of work space
  • Adjusting the reel seat
  • Assembling the handle
  • Evening meal
  • Overnight stay

Day 2:


  • Grinding ring feet
  • Attaching and aligning rings
  • Ring wrapping
  • Coaching of techniques
  • Varnishing
  • Feedback and farewell

For optimal varnishing of the ring feet, two to three passes are required. The drying time per layer is several hours. I am happy to take care of this final step for you and send the masterpiece to you in an insured package afterwards.


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  • Workshop, 2 days
  • Rod building components
  • Tools
  • Tips and tricks
  • Personal advice
  • Line recommendation
  • Course materials
  • Meals

Additionally, you will receive a 10% discount on a FLYTASTIC guided trip of your choice! 

Price and Date

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The price for the two-day course will be determined individually based on the components you choose. The required materials will be charged at cost and an additional course fee of 490 CHF will be added (for two days). If you wish, you can also indulge in a meal and overnight stay with us in Schiers for 89 CHF.

A high-quality, self-built rod, including a great experience, will be in your hands starting from 690 Swiss francs.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.