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Turn the hunter into the hunted! 6 hours of intensive pike fishing on one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. Armed with strong rods and large streamers, we fish from a boat for the toothed ones. An exciting day awaits you!

Price: 380 CHF

Optimal season: May to June


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The Pfäffikerlake is located in the middle of a nature reserve and offers the optimal habitat for large pikes through its heavily vegetated and shallow shore zones. Thanks to a good population of white fish, trout and perch, the predators have sufficient food. The toothed ones thus develop into capital specimens and thrive.

As the lake is only fishable from the shore in a few places, I need my boat for pike fishing. This gives me the opportunity to fish the reed and water edges efficiently. By the way, motorboats are prohibited on the Pfäffiker Lake. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed and quiet day on the water. You can get to the lake in less than 30 minutes by car fom Zürich.


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  • We meet in Seegräben (30 mins from Zürich)
  • Short walk to the boat
  • Safety instructions and license check
  • Assembling the rods and explanation of the tackle
  • Short training on casting with large flies
  • 6 hours of intensive fishing on the Pfäffikerlake
  • Lunch on the boat or on land
  • Return to Seegräben
  • Ending with a beer or cider


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  • 6 hours of single guiding
  • FLYTASTIC rods, lines, reels, leaders and flies
  • Rowing boat with ample space and high safety standards
  • FLYTASTIC lunch on the boat
  • Fishing license for one day
  • Flexible scheduling

Date and Price

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The price for an unforgettable day on the Pfäffiker Lake is 380 CHF per person. For space and safety reasons, this offer can only be booked by individuals.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants

Optimal season: May 1st - June 30th"


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Your safety is always the top priority for all FLYTASTIC offers (guiding, workshops and excursions). 
A risk analysis is carried out before every excursion into the countryside:

  • Exact check of the weather forecasts
  • Check of hydrological data
  • Personal discussion with the client about possible risks, physical condition and any previous illnesses
  • Material check

Thanks to such an analysis, I can optimally prepare for the day together. As a responsible guide and instructor, I regularly take part in further training and always carry the appropriate equipment with me. 

  • I have completed and passed a Wilderness First Aid Course of several days with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School).
  • I always carry an optimally equipped first aid kit with me and know how to use its contents.
  • During my training I was intensively trained in CPR and have a certificate for the use of an epipen.
  • I carry an Inreach satellite device with me on all trips to inaccessible areas. This would enable me to call for help without a mobile phone in case of an emergency.

Your safety is important to me. So if I have any safety concerns in advance or during the trip, I will let you know and take appropriate action.

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