Fly Fishing Course for Beginners

Your individual course and the perfect start to fly fishing

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Learn fly fishing in two days!
In this course, I will explain and show you how to cast with a fly rod, what to pay attention to, and why technique is crucial. You will learn what a fly line is, how fly fishing relates to Bob Ross, and what flies you can use to trick your first trout.The course equipment is included in the price and consists exclusively of hand-built FLYTASTIC rods! Food and refreshments are also provided. 

2 Modules of 5 hours each

Module 1: Casting training and theory on the meadow
Module 2: Practical fishing at a small lakeCourse location and date to be agreed upon. Prices depend on the location and range from:

  • 1 person: 350 - 450 CHF
  • 2 people: 250 - 300 CHF per person
  • 3 people: 220 - 270 CHF per person
  • 4 people: 200 - 250 CHF per person

Season: Spring to Fall"


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 You may have seen them before, those strange fly fishermen on the meadow. Completely without water nearby, they wave their rods around. But rest assured, the good ladies and gentlemen are fine. They are honing their casting technique. If you're wondering why they do this on the meadow and not by a beautiful mountain stream, read on...

Fly fishing is like driving a car. You probably didn't drive on the highway for your first few rounds either. Learning the correct and clean technique is a must. On the meadow, you will learn the necessary movements so that your fly line and, of course, your fly will end up in the right place. At the same time, you must pay attention to many small details. In a car, this would be: press the clutch, shift gears, release the clutch and don't forget to give it gas... do you remember?

I will be your personal driving instructor. I will watch you, show you the cast, give you tips and tricks and correct you when necessary. Together we will work on the foundation for your future as a fly fisherman. On the meadow, you can focus fully on the processes and don't have to worry about the traffic. You will soon enough get to know the beloved trees, plants, stones, bushes, branches and fellow fishermen.

On the second day of the course, we will go to the water. I will show you the habitat of the fish, what they eat and what we can use to catch the finned creatures. We will review what we have learned and go more in depth on the tackle. Your FLYTASTIC course equipment consists of

 Your FLYTASTIC course equipment consists of handmade rods, equipped with the appropriate reel and line. You will learn what a leader is and how to tie a fly. After some instruction, we'll get started! The first casts will be made on the water. With a bit of luck, the first trout will soon be wriggling on your rod.

By the way, FLYTASTIC workshops are flexible in terms of scheduling. So after you get in touch with us, we can decide together on the best location and time for you!


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Day 1

  • Meet at the course location
  • Brief introduction of the participants
  • Expectations for the course
  • Putting together the rods
  • Explanation of the tackle
  • Safety training
  • Demonstration and instruction of the overhead cast
  • Casting, casting, casting
  • Individual coaching, corrections
  • FLYTASTIC lunch
  • Casting, casting, casting
  • Short feedback round
  • End the day with a beer or cider
  • Return trip

Day 2:

  • Meet at the course water
  • Introduction to entomology
  • Fly patterns and their presentation
  • Refresh-casts on the meadow
  • Instruction: Behavior on the water
  • Instruction: Handling the fish
  • Putting together the rods
  • Explanation of the tackle
  • First casts
  • Fishing, fishing, fishing
  • FLYTASTIC lunch
  • Individual coaching
  • Demonstration: Trick casts
  • Individual fishing
  • Feedback round
  • End the day with a beer or cider


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  • Course consisting of 2 modules
  •  FLYTASTIC course device
  •  tips and tricks
  • water and insect knowledge
  • short casting demonstration for trick throws
  • FLYTASTIC lunch by the water
  • 10 flies per participant
  • leader and tippet material
  • photos and impressions
  • flexible scheduling
  • flexible choice of location


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Der Preis für einen unvergesslichen, individuellen und lehrreichen Workshop variiert je nach Austragungsort zwischen 350 CHF - 450 CHF falls du alleine kommst. 
Wenn du einen Kollegen oder eine Kollegin mitbringst, schrumpfen die Kurskosten  und der Kurs kostet nur noch 250 - 300 Franken pro Person. Die Gewässerlizenz ist nicht in diesem Preis inkludiert und kostet zwischen 25 und 30 CHF.

Die Versicherung ist Sache der Teilnehmer. 

Ich helfe dir gerne weiter falls du mehr Infos brauchst. 

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